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Letter From the Gonzo Editor

Dear Reader:

You’ve been surfing the web or searching through newspapers and the violent waves of biased news coverage has brought you to Go Gonzo Journal.  We are happy to have you, and I would like to offer my sincerest thanks for reading.

Go Gonzo Journal is dedicated to providing pure, uncensored, fake news.  We are just as unhappy as you are with current news sources, and we strive to provide content that forces our readers to read rhetorically…considering the source of their news and the slant that was added.  We’re not out to become your one-stop shop for news coverage.  We can’t be that and never want to be that.  We’re just one place you visit to momentarily shelter yourself from the barrage of news stories that not only tell you what happened…but how to feel about it.

Our goal at Go Gonzo Journal is for our readers to realize all news is FAKE, and that you can learn a lot more from fiction than you can from nonfiction…if nonfiction even exists…which we doubt.

William Burroughs

William Burroughs

Our stories are written in the Gonzo style that has its roots in the Beat Generation, with writers like Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg influencing the man responsible for popularizing the Gonzo journalism movement – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.  As you can see, we do our best to honor the Gonzo style through the our devotion and love for the 1st Amendment.  The one thing from the Gonzo generation we try to revitalize in all our stories is the influence of the writer as the hero of the story.  This first person account creates an intimate relationship between reader and writer and allows the writer to exaggerate or eliminate the facts as needed.

We cover all of your favorite top stories but from a fictitious angle.  We’ll cover the most important news stories, but from an angle no one would consider.  We’ll cover sports, but from the perspective of a fan and not a journalist.  Some of my favorite sections of Go Gonzo Journal include:

  1. “The Doctor’s Recipes for a Good Day,” where you can find a recipe that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face,
  2. “The Doctor’s Product Reviews,” where you’ll learn which products you should avoid like the plague and others you must have, and
  3. “The Doctor’s Tape Recorder,” featuring articles written directly from recorded notes, of which the author usually has little or no recollection.

Go Gonzo is also an excellent source for book, music, movie, and television reviews, political commentary, travel articles offering great ideas for vacations, and business articles dedicated to helping you properly evaluate and navigate the evolving Black Market.  Also, the Go Gonzo Store offer outrageous T-shirts and other Gonzo products to help fund this fiasco and hopefully increase interest in our little revolution.

We don’t write news.  We write about the news.   Don’t confuse this news source, or any news source…with truth.  As far as we’re concerned, truth does not exist.  Everything is subjective, and your truth is much different than ours.  We have no intention of providing truth…only perspective and entertainment.

Hunter Thompson

Hunter Thompson

The best part about Go Gonzo Journal is it’s free and open-source.  I suspect you all know what free means, and open-source means anyone can contribute.  Go Gonzo will gladly accept donations and thank you graciously for them, but we would rather have readers contribute their own thoughts and feelings on their own favorite subjects.  After all, communication is the cornerstone of education.  We not only want to create a community of readers…but writers.  Anyone who would like to contribute writing samples, artwork, videos, or simply pose some interesting questions is welcome to do so and can contact us via email.  Help us build the future of Go Gonzo Journal.

I would like to thank you once again for your curiosity and your commitment to satisfying that curiosity.  I only hope you continue to join us in vanquishing the dark shadow popular media casts over this nation and world.

Forever Your Go Gonzo Editor,

Anthony Varriano

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