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The Go Gonzo Staff

The Go Gonzo Journal staff is an unpaid group of miscreants who strive to entertain and bring a fresh look to the American news and popular media. We generally bash popular news outlets for their biased approach with a biased approach of our own that will make people think twice about their news sources. We also enjoy taking a popular news story and coming at it from a new perspective. Without the work of this staff, Go Gonzo Journal would just be an idea in the head of a drunken, starving writer, so show them some support. Buy a T-shirt, comment on their articles, and start a conversation, debate, or argument…for America’s sake.


Anthony Varriano – Owner, President, CEO, Editor in Chief

Tony Drunk at Big Sky, MT

Your Drunken Editor

Anthony Varriano started Go Gonzo Journal over shots of Crown Royal while speaking with a publisher and editor of a local journal in Philipsburg, MT. It was October 2009. Anthony had just graduated with degrees in marketing and film, and minors in English literature, writing, and entrepreneurship. He had over 250 undergraduate credits, and the drive to work for himself, but took a marketing/sales job with a documentary film production company selling and advertising pigeon racing how-to videos. It was a hard sell, and the job didn’t last long as Anthony fell into the depths of alcoholism and WWI (Writing While Intoxicated). He wrote 25,000 words in a month to publish the first Go Gonzo Journal website in late January 2010. It was a simple page, and Anthony’s first go at website design. He picked up a few tricks designing sites for local companies in Bozeman, MT and gave Go Gonzo Journal an updated look in May 2011. Now the blog attracts the likes of junkies looking for a good trip, dealers looking for a good tip, and a mass of people looking for a break from biased, popular news outlets.


Thompson – Gonzo Journalist and Columnist

Thompson writes about anything and everything – from his most recent drug-induced journeys to his alcoholism and sports betting problems. There isn’t an issue Thompson is unwilling to cover. His articles are written in the Gonzo style made famous by Hunter S. Thompson. He is the hero of every story and his own worst enemy most of the time, but his fresh look on the world and unique narrative make Go Gonzo Journal a better place.


Professor Heinous in the flesh!

Professor Heinous

Professor Heinous – Gonzo Writer, Gonzo T-shirt Co-Creator

Professor Heinous writes Gonzo movie and book reviews, travel articles, and the occasional Gonzo recipe. He is also the creator of the T-shirt screens used to make our hilarious Go Gonzo T-shirts and has contributed in the creation of the T-shirt graphics and text. He is an absolutely heinous human being and we’re happy to have him at Go Gonzo Journal.


Johnny Debbs, a.k.a. The Preacher, alias my attorney – Gonzo Writer and Attorney

The Preacher stops in occasionally when drunk and angry about American politics and how the popular media feeds this firestorm. Debbs, writing from a somewhat Socialist perspective, gives Go Gonzo readers a fresh look at American politics. He will also stop by to write the occasional review of a movie or punk rock show or album. The Preacher is a valuable asset to Go Gonzo Journal and we’re happy to have him on board.

Caleb Bjørnsen

Caleb Bjørnsen


Caleb Bjørnsen – Gonzo Writer

Armed with a laptop and cynical outlook on the world, Caleb Bjørnsen writes about anything that catches his fancy, especially if it pisses him off. Choosing to chain-smoke and write rather than do anything productive with his life, Biser attempts to make the Go Gonzo readers see the world through the same amber lenses as him. His second-hand smoke will probably poison the world, but we’re still happy to have him at Go Gonzo Journal.


Dr. Jimmy Wall

Dr. Jimmy Wall — Gonzo Journalist and Columnist

Drawn to journalism thanks to Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo journalism. He shares the good old doctor’s disdain of objective journalism, as he too sees how it can be easily used to either not uncover the truth or pretend you have reported the truth. The good old doctor said it best, “I don’t quite understand this worship of objectivity in journalism. Now, just flat-out lying is different from being subjective.”

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