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Published on May 7th, 2011 | by Thompson


Welcome to Go Gonzo Journal

You have stumbled upon the #1 Source for Gonzo Journalism!  Our goal at Go Gonzo Journal is for our readers to realize all news is FAKE, and that you can learn a lot more from fiction than you can from nonfiction…if nonfiction even exists…which we doubt.

We do our best to honor the Gonzo style through the our devotion and love for the 1st Amendment.  The one thing from the Gonzo generation we try to revitalize in all our stories is the influence of the writer as the hero.  This first person account creates an intimate relationship between reader and writer and allows the writer to exaggerate or eliminate the facts as needed.

We at Go Gonzo Journal cover all the biggest news stories and every topic – politics, religion, business, technology, sports, and entertainment – but we cover them from a point of view most wouldn’t consider.  For instance, we’ll cover the World Series, but from the point of view of a helpless fan who’s lost the farm gambling in Vegas instead of posing as a journalist who was paid to be there.  You see, this human suffering, these feelings are where truth is derived.  It’s certainly not derived from secondary or even primary sources.  We’re not trying to tell you how to feel about the news.  Our hope is that you simply consider your sources and realize you can learn much more from fiction than what popular media calls fact.

The best part about Go Gonzo Journal is it’s free and open-source.  Go Gonzo will gladly accept donations and thank you graciously for them, but we would rather have readers contribute their own thoughts and feelings on their own favorite subjects.  After all, communication is the cornerstone of education.  We not only want to create a community of readers…but writers.  Anyone who would like to contribute Gonzo stories, artwork, videos, or simply pose some interesting questions is welcome to do so and can contact us via email or leave a comment on any of the articles.  Help us build the future of Go Gonzo Journal!

So if you’re looking for a good movie or book, a recipe for weed ice cream, or just some good, old-fashioned Gonzo journalism, we can help!  We appreciate your curiosity and your commitment to satisfying that curiosity.  We only hope you continue to join us in vanquishing the dark shadow popular media casts over this nation and world.

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When Thompson isn't busy writing for Go Gonzo Journal, you may find him drunk at the movie theater with Professor Heinous or stirring up trouble in a bar with his attorney. Thompson also enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, and watching and betting on baseball and football.

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