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Published on January 31st, 2012 | by Lemuel Pitkin


I’ve Made a Bong with Less: The Hunk of Wood

Based on an innovative (and desperate) bunk bed feature, this primitive art piece would not be out of place on any curio shelf, or wood pile for that matter. I call it the Hunk of Wood. Built without electricity, these green, and biodegradable smoking apparatuses can be made for free.

Ingredients: 1) a bit-and-brace, 2) 3/4 inch bit, 3) 1/4 inch bit, and 4) a hand saw.

Go out into the woods, preferably with friends, and with weed, but no way to smoke it. This will motivate you to succeed.

Take your time, look at the selection of trees, find the right one. You will know. It will have taken a while. It’s probably getting dark now, so work quickly.

Trees are our friends...

Trees are our friends...

Saw down the tree.

Cut a small section. This is the Hunk of Wood. Make sure it’s not rotten, punky or blue fungi-y.

Drill a 1/4” hole through the log. Then enlarge one end with the 3/4″  bit to be the bowl. On the other side, drill most of the way through the Hunk of Wood taking care not to drill all the way through. If you fuck up, cut another section of log and try again.

Optional: Carefully drill into the top (or side or bottom, you decide) and connect it to make a carb. This is for advanced users only.

Stuff bowl with weed.

Smoke. (preferably with a bow drill fire, or charcloth)



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  1. Max says:

    Interesting and au-naturale, I applaud you sir.

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