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Politics Greg Gianforte is not a man Montana can trust

Published on May 23rd, 2017 | by Thompson


Do you really want Montana run by another rich Bozemanite?

While I may work in Minnesota, Montana will always be my home. It’s always been Rob Quist’s home, too. But that’s not the case for Greg Gianforte.

Quist was born and raised in Cut Bank, Montana. Gianforte was born in San Diego, California. Quist graduated from the University of Montana. Gianforte went to Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

These two men couldn’t be more different, and Gianforte couldn’t be more wrong about everything. Gianforte supports the Republicans’ abysmal attempt at repealing Obamacare that could actually give insurance executives a tax break. He wants to take Medicaid away from Montanans and leave them uninsured. Quist supports Obamacare because it insures 142,000 Montanans that could lose coverage if Obamacare is repealed, increasing premiums for everyone.

Judging from his donations, Gianforte wants homosexuality to be a crime, as if police officers don’t have enough to do. Quist thinks the government should not be involved in people’s personal lives.

Gianforte’s against minimum wage increases, despite wages in America remaining stagnant since the 1970s when considering inflation. He wants you to work forever and doesn’t believe in retirement, although his entire life would probably feel like retirement to a lot of us. He’s never gotten his hands dirty and never will, and he’s gained wealth on the backs of the people who have.

Quist wants to even the playing field for the average American. He wants the federal government to stop cutting taxes for the rich and start cutting taxes for the rest of us. He wants to rewrite the tax code to benefit the average American — not corporations. He wants to protect American farmers and ranchers and make sure they’re being paid competitive prices in every trade agreement.

Worst of all, Gianforte believes the world to be 6,500 years old and that man walked with the dinosaurs. No person who believes this should be allowed to hold any office. He’s not even fit to teach children let alone run an entire state. Rob Quist believes climate change to be driven by our actions and that we should be investing in alternative energy methods that are renewable and sustainable. He believes we should treat our Earth as we’d like it to treat us, to take a page from Gianforte’s good book.

You already voted one of Gianforte’s Right Now Technologies profiteering cronies into office in the form of Steve Daines. Why would you want another rich guy in office who doesn’t understand what it’s like to live in rural Montana? Both these men are Bozemanites and will do right by themselves as they’ve always done. Rob Quist will do right by rural Montanans, because that’s who he is and who he cares about. It’s as simple as that.

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