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Published on December 22nd, 2017 | by Thompson


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Daniel Craig will remain 007 through 2019, but who will be the next James Bond? The franchise isn’t going anywhere, but Craig eventually will. Craig has already run the gamut as James Bond. He was the rash, reactionary Bond and has grown into the calm, collected veteran 007. The franchise is likely seeking another Bond candidate to grow in the role. So here are the nominees and their odds of becoming the next James Bond:

The Easy Answers to the Bond Question

Tom Hardy

Odds he will be the next James Bond: 5/2

Hardy is probably the easiest answer to the Bond question, which is why he’s the oddsmakers’ favorite. He’s done both action and dramatic roles to big fanfare in America and Great Britain. He’s got a rougher demeanor than most Bonds with which we’re familiar, but that could work to his advantage given Bond’s orphan backstory.

Reasons he won’t be the next James Bond:

Venom flops. Hardy is cast to play Eddie Brock in Marvel’s Venom, set to release in October and featuring former Spider-man artist and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane as a writer.

Hardy is also 40, but Roger Moore was 45 before he took the 007 franchise reins for seven movies. But Bond fans will likely be jonesing for another Bond origin story as Craig’s reign as 007 comes to an old end.

Jack Huston in a TuxedoJack Huston

Odds he will be the next James Bond: 3/1

Huston is a British actor who has impressed American audiences with his role in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. He’s only 35 and could star in another 007 origin story, taking the reins of the franchise for more than a decade like Craig. His relative anonymity given his competition could work in his favor if decision-makers don’t want a star to take away from the James Bond character.

Reasons he won’t be the next James Bond:

He’s too young and too unknown.

Aidan Turner

Odds he will be the next James Bond: 13/2

Turner is another easy answer to the Bond question. He’s got it all, and at 32, could provide the franchise with another 007 origin story.

Reasons he won’t be the next James Bond:

He lacks star power. His biggest role Americans know is as a dwarf in The Hobbit, and while his English audience is undeniably big, it might not be enough for 007.

Tom Hiddleston

Odds he will be the next James Bond: 8/1

Hiddleston is so charming he made a villain likable with his role as the trickster, Loki. He’d also continue the Craig look — blonde-haired, blue-eyed Bond — which was decried as blasphemous by Bond traditionalists until they saw Casino Royale.

He’s got the Eton, English accent down. He sounds smart and charming — but maybe too smart. He probably has the largest fan following to bring to the role thanks to his Marvel movies and playing another as a spy in the BBC’s The Night Manager. His résumé is almost perfect.

Reasons he won’t be the next James Bond:

Hiddleston might be perceived as too “clean” to be Bond. His face doesn’t convey Bond’s painful past like Hardy’s.

Henry Cavill

Odds he will be the next James Bond: 20/1

Cavill is another British actor with the Bond look and accent down, and he’s two years younger than Hiddleston. He’s also played a spy in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. His fan following isn’t as large as Hiddleston’s, but 007 has never needed to import a fan following. Sean Connery was mostly unknown when he was cast as James Bond.

Reasons he won’t be the next James Bond:

Any of the above take the job.

The Unconventional Answers to the Bond Question

Idris Elba

Odds he will be the next James Bond: 8/1

There’s never been a black Bond, and it’s high time there is one. That’s why Elba is paying 8/1. That and he checks all the boxes: tall, charming, handsome, tough and English.

Reasons he won’t be the next James Bond:

He’s 43.

Ricky WhittleRicky Whittle in a Suit

Odds he will be the next James Bond: 16/1

Whittle would be another historic choice to break the white Bond status quo, and he’s only 36. He also has an interesting history. His father was in the Royal Air Force, so Whittle moved around a lot as a kid. Despite that, he was recruited to play soccer. Injury forced him to study law instead at Southamption University. He certainly has much to bring to the role of James Bond.

Reasons he won’t be the next James Bond:

There’s no good reason why Whittle shouldn’t be the next Bond. The only bad reason is being loyal to Bond’s long history of whiteness. But 007 is no single man. It’s a designation, as is the name — Bond, James Bond.

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