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If you are interested in hiring Go Gonzo Journal for photo, video, writing, web design, editing, or marketing/social media advice, simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page and tell us what you need help with. We have ample experience in sports and landscape photography, videography and video editing, content writing for print and the web, web design, and marketing through online and traditional media. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done already!


Beer Country

Since the first settlers arrived at the St. Mary’s mission in the mid-19th century, Montanans have loved beer – they love making it, sharing it, talking about it, and drinking it. In this film, we investigate the historic, economic, cultural and aesthetic values that make Montana America’s own Beer Country. We take a look at the explosive growth of the craft brewing industry in Montana — and the U.S. in general — and examine local food systems, the social and economic impacts of small-scale production, consumer perceptions of authenticity, community-building, and simply, pleasure. Written and produced by Graham Austin, assisted by Anthony Varriano. Directed by Anthony Varriano. Director of photography was Anthony Varriano, and Ryan Bone served as sound engineer. Edited by Graham Austin, assisted by Anthony Varriano.


A young group of friends bust their boss’s coke ring and take over the warehouse. Made in association with Montana State University. Written and produced by Anthony Varriano. Edited by Mark Rainery. Directed by Brian Christiansen. Director of photography was Zak Melms. Starring Joel Varriano, Jason Kinsey, Benita Saur, and Alissa Torvinen.

Warehouse from GoGonzoJournal on Vimeo.

Library Trip

A look at the dreams of an overwhelmed college student. Made in association with Montana State University. Written and directed by Anthony Varriano. Edited by Ben Kesckes. Produced by Wayne Rowan. Director of photography was Casey Ferguson. Starring Blaine Pederson, Michael Jensen, Rachel Lange, and Alex Speitz. 

Library Trip from GoGonzoJournal on Vimeo.

Opera: The Working Artform

Web video for Bozeman, Montana’s Intermountain Opera Company. Written, produced, directed, and edited by Anthony Varriano.

Opera: The Working Artform from GoGonzoJournal on Vimeo.


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